Before beginning your tax return, here are a few things you should know to make preparing and filing your return easier and less stressful. 

Social Security Numbers 

It is important that you have the correct social security number and date of birth for each person you will claim as an exemption on your return. If each name, social security number, and date of birth do not match exactly when you file the return, the IRS will reject your return and ask you to submit the correct information.

Recommended Records 
Social Security numbers Alimony received or paid Mortgage interest (1098)
Child care provider tax I.D. Railroad benefits (1099-R) Second mortgage interest paid
W-2 forms Jury duty payments Real estate tax paid
Unemployment (1099-G) Gambling and lottery winnings Moving expense if for job
Misc. income (1099-Misc) Prizes and awards Interest income (1099-INT)
Partnership, S Corp & Trust income (Schedules K-1) Scholarships and fellowships Dividend income (1099-DIV)
Pension & annuities (1099-R) State tax refund (1099-G) Stock sales (1099-B)
Retirement plans (1099-R) Student loan interest (1098-E) Tuition paid (1099-T)
Sales tax on motor vehicles Gifts to charity Unreimbursed expenses for your job or charity
Investment expense Job hunting expense Child care expense
Education expense Estimate taxes paid Farm or farm rental income
IRA contributions Medical expenses Motor Vehicle Tax (pink slip)


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