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What to Bring

Before beginning your tax return, here are a few things you should know to make preparing and filing your return easier and less stressful. 

Social Security Numbers 

It is important that you have the correct social security number and date of birth for each person you will claim as an exemption on your return. If each name, social security number, and date of birth do not match exactly when you file the return, the IRS will reject your return and ask you to submit the correct information.


Recommended Records 

Social Security Numbers / Cards Child/Dependent Care Expenses Alimony Received
W2s - Wages/Salary 1099-MISC 1099-R - Retirement
SSA-1099 Social Security W2-Gs - Gambling winnings K1s from 1120s or 1065s
1099-G - Unemployment Tip Income Other Income
HSA - Health Savings Forms Contributions to IRAs Adoption Expenses
Household Employee Wages Other Income Railroad benefits (1099-R)
1098-T - Tuition

1098-E Student Loan Interest paid

Estimated Taxes Paid

Farm income - Schedule F

Moving Expenses - Military Only

Jury Duty Income

Schedule A 1098's - Mortgage Interest Mortgage Points
  Vehicle Tabs / MV Tax Gifts by Cash/Card or Check
  Gifts other than Cash/Card/Check Gambling Losses
  Medical Expenses Sales Tax Paid - Car/Trailer etc.
  Property Taxes Mortgage Insurance Premiums
  Casualty/Theft Losses  
Schedule B 1099-Int - Interest Received 1099-Div - Dividends
Schedule C 1099-NEC / Revenue Profit Loss Statement
  Accounting Expense Advertising
  Commissions / Fees Contract / Outside Services
  Depreciable Items Interest Paid
  Legal/Professional Service Office Expenses
  Rents - Office/Machinery/Other Repairs/Maintenance
  Supplies Taxes / Licenses
  Travel Expenses Meals 50%/80%/100%
  Utilities / Waste Wages Paid
  Other Expenses Cell / Internet etc.. Auto Expenses / Depreciation
Schedule D 1099-B - Stock/Share Sales Capital Gain / Long Term Losses
Schedule E Rental Income / 1099-MISC Advertising
  Auto Expenses Cleaning / Maintenance
  Commissions Insurance
  Legal / Professional Fees Management Fees
  Interest Paid Repairs
  Supplies Real Estate / Property Taxes
  Utilities Depreciation
  Other Misc Expenses eg. HOA Dues  
S CORPORATIONS / LLC'S Accounting Janitorial
  Accounting Legal and Professional
  Automobile Exp Meals
  Bad Debts Office Expense
  Bank Charges Salary / Wages
  Cell Expenses Payroll Processing Fees
  Commissions / Dues/Subs Permits / Fees
  Education / Training Postage / Shipping
  Equipment Rental/Lease Printing
  Freight Rents
  Fuel Security
  Gifts Software
  Independent Contractors Supplies
  Insurance Taxes and Licenses
  Interest Expense Tools
  Utilities Travel

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